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Juan GamBoa
Candidate For CCRP Secretary

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My name is Juan and was born in 1969, making my way to
the USA in 1979. My family fled the civil war that
started in the late 1970s and joined a family that had
previously moved to the USA. From the age of 9 until now,
my education has been completely here, and have continued
in my adult years. My experiences through the Guatemalan
civil war and being lucky enough to get a conservative
education throughout the years, generated an interest in
politics with an emphasis in the Republican
party. Became a US Citizen in 2018 after working for
many years through a system that posed many blocks.
When I arrived in the US, about a year later President
Reagan was elected, whose administration was of great
interest to me. He espoused the anti-Socialist and
liberty ideals that attracted me to the Republican
party. Once I was able to vote and be involved, I made
every effort to find my way into the party and am willing
to take any task that pushes the party to better
results in future. Having been the Secretary for the
CCRP for the past 8 months has increased my interest in
continuing on with the position, and thus seeking re-

Juan Gamboa
CCRP Secretary
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