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Bylaws Amendments submitted to the Board in collaboration with 40+ PCO’s and PCO elects and Prospective Executive Board members. Please read before the Reorganizational meeting so you'll be well versed

George Hacker 

To:Joel Mattila,Nancy Miranda,Juan Gamboa

Sat, Nov 19 at 1:25 PM

Mr. Chair, Ms. Vice-Chair, and Mr. Secretary,


Several PCOs and PCO elects collaborated together and crafted the attached proposals for amending the current bylaws. We submit them for distribution and consideration for the upcoming CCRCC reorganization meeting, complying with Article 11 Section 8 of the current CCRCC Bylaws. They were initially presented and discussed at a workshop last week, which was attended by over 40 people including PCOs, PCO elects, and prospective executive board members. The amendments were further refined based on the input received at that workshop.




George Hacker

PCO 602 - Venersborg

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