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Corruption of the Swamp - Mike Gill


Digital Bill of Rights

Real estate expert shreds Biden rule starting May 1st punishing homebuyers with good credit: 'It's madness'

WAYNE ROOT: By Arresting Trump, Democrats Want Either Civil War, Martial Law, or Another January 6th. Here is the Strategy to Protect Trump and Save America- without Ever Risking your Life or Arrest

Democrats (ie radical communist traitors) in conspiracy with a corrupt, Soros-funded, communist DA, and weaponized government goons intend to indict, arrest & perp walk President Trump this coming week. Why are they doing this? I know their playbook like the back of my hand.

1. At the very least, they want a thousand new January 6 scenarios- so they can arrest and lock away thousands of conservative patriots for years- and brand conservatives patriots as terrorists.

2. Their very best scenario is to incite civil war and rip this country apart. Then they can declare Martial Law, lock down the country, destroy all our jobs and businesses, and take away our freedom permanently.

3. To slander, demonize and destroy Trump- and hopefully disqualify him as a presidential candidate. They’re THAT scared of Trump beating them in 2024.

4. Most importantly, this is all a WMD- Weapon of Mass Distraction.

Look around. The country is collapsing. Trains derailing. The supply chain failing. Democrat run inner cities in ruins. Our border is wide open- with millions of illegal aliens being waved in. Banks are failing. Inflation is raging. Crime is exploding. The national debt is out of control. Sudden deaths and heart attacks from Biden’s vaccine mandates are exploding all around us- it’s literally a vaccine holocaust. Your children are being brainwashed to change their gender. And the crimes, extortion and bribery of the Biden Crime Family are finally coming to light.

So, this is the perfect moment for Biden to unleash a “Weapon of Mass Distraction.” Indict, arrest and perp walk President Trump.

I have the solution. Two years ago, I wrote the bestselling book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book.” My plan was for conservative patriots to adopt Martin Luther King’s strategy of Civil Disobedience. We could defeat this woke, radical, Democrat agenda by boycotting, striking and punishing woke, liberal companies. It worked like a charm!

The companies I listed in my book are in big trouble. Sales are way down, CEOs are being fired, market caps down by billions for companies such as Disney, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Victoria’s Secret. We are winning. They are drowning. We are bringing them to their knees. #VICTORY

Now we can apply this strategy to the whole economy to save Trump, save America and defeat tyranny- without ever firing a single bullet, or risking a single arrest. I call it…


If Trump is arrested, just as I’ve counseled for two years now, our response must be: No violence, no civil war. We can’t risk another January 6- where we are framed and painted as violent terrorists or “insurrectionists.”

This is the perfect time for a National Patriots Strike. We can stay safely in our homes and shut this nation down for the weekend after Trump’s arrest. We can grind the economy to a halt for one weekend. We can bring the Biden government, DC Swamp and Deep State to its knees. Call it the “Trump Flu.”

Remember, conservative patriots do most of the work in this country and pay most of the taxes. If we’re not working, shopping, buying or driving- the roads are empty, the stores are empty, the schools are empty.  This is also how we starve government- no shopping or buying means no tax revenue.

We can tie up the entire nation for a weekend to make our point. The point is to show this country belongs to “we the people.” It’s a warning shot to these government goons: We are the Silent Majority. We control the purse strings. If it’s needed, we can grind the USA to a halt, anytime we choose.

If they can persecute Trump, then no one is safe. We are all next in line for government persecution. The buck stops here. We will not allow America to become a combination of Nazi Gestapo and Soviet Gulag.

The beauty of my idea? We’re all home, safe and sound. They can’t hurt us. They can’t intimidate us. They can’t arrest us. Because we’re literally doing…nothing.

They have no way to stop the nationwide strike. Only we are in control. We can end it whenever we want. We can do it short term, or we can go long term. Whatever is needed to save this country. I suggest the weekend after Trump’s arrest (giving us a few days to coordinate).

THE BIG BONUS: This nationwide strike will be more proof Trump won the 2020 election. With stores empty, roads empty, schools empty…everyone will see Trump voters make up the Silent Majority. Everyone will see the emperor has no clothes- Biden rigged and stole the election. As the new #1 song in America goes: “Trump won. I know it, you know it, they know it, everyone knows it.”

This is how we save Trump and America and wreck the Democrat’s plans- without risking one arrest. We make our point in one powerful weekend. We shut down America. And we can do it again, whenever we want.

Here’s another way to support President Trump: All 80 million of us should go to Trump’s web site and contribute. That’s a powerful statement too.

God bless America and God bless and protect President Trump.

Did you miss Trumps announcement of the Digital Bill of Rights? He explains what will happen once he takes office. Get plunged in with Awoken Patriots!

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