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Moms For Liberty Speak with Joe Kent

3-24-23 - 2024 Candidate for Washington State Governor; Semi Bird, meets with Spokane County GOP PCOs and America First Conservative activists. He was quite open and transparent with answers to revealing questions.

Please share this video to those who want to know what Semi Bird's honest thoughts are to these great questions.

Here are the questions in the order in which they were made and time stamps for each.

1) 22:46 What was the tipping point that compelled you to start running for Governor?
2) 25:36 What is your feeling about Mike Lindell, Dominion and the other machines involved?
3) 28:44 What is your position on School Choice and School Vouchers?
4) 30:17 What are you going to do with Bob Ferguson?
5) 33:59 What is the purpose of government?
6) 36:02 How will you address the corrupt entities that are trafficking our children?
7) 39:40 As Governor, how can you reunite our state & bring us back together, east & west?
8) 42:46 How do you feel about Inslee shutting down our churches and small businesses?
9) 45:04 What is your plan on dealing with corrupt judges?
10) 47:38 What does the Republican party need to do to promote and support better candidates?
11) 50:19 Do you support in person voting and showing voter I.D.?
12) 51:15 How would you address the homeless crisis?
13) 55:31 Currently WA State is ranked 17th & 11th in highest cost at 18,400 per student. What will you do to affect that?
14) 59:32 What can you do to help us this year to get the Republican wins in Spokane?
15) 1:02:38 What happened to the $650 million Nigerian hackers got from Washington State?
16) 1:02:40 How can we free our education system from the entities that have a strangle hold on us? Example: NEA, WEA, WASSDA, WASSA
17) 1:08:46 How do you feel about Inslee’s immigration laws and green new deal? (electric cars)
18) 1:13:17 What does Health Freedom mean to you?
19) 1:15:03 Expand on the illegal immigration problem and how to support good candidates that get elected who are surrounded by a bad staff.
20) 1:19:32 Would you go on our Facebook live and introduce yourself to our broader audience tonight? (Brian Noble)
21) 1:21:28 Would you be willing to get together with other candidates here and talk?
22) 1:25:22 Do you support hydro electric and nuclear power?
23) 1:26:48 How are you going to fix the transgender insanity that we have in our state?
24) 1:29:08 How do you feel about the 2nd Amendment?
25) 1:31:41 How do you feel about the nuclear site contamination and the Abortion laws?
26) 1:41:58 How do you feel about children having medical rights at 13 years old?
27) 1:46:10 How do you bring a non-elected group into accountability to foster the rights of parents instead of their own agenda? (WASSDA, OSPI, etc.)
28) 1:49:00 What do you think about the proposed capital gains tax in WA State?

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