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"The IBR team is lying to the Public." John Ley said in his speech before the Washington State Transportation Commission yesterday, January 19, 2023, Hear what he has discovered by tuning in.

John Ley comments to the C-Tran Board of Directors on 12/13/22

Why does does a small city like Portland have bad traffic like Detroit or Chicago? Is this on purpose? Watch this video. You decide.

courtesy John Ley

 Behind the Stories of the bridge with John Ley

60 Seconds with John Ley • August 1, 2022

 4/21 Over the years John Ley has become one of the most informed person of the  transportation issues that affect drivers, commuters and virtually everyone in Vancouver and southwest Washington. If you want to know about the unexpected changes and realizations that have arisen out of the chaos of 2020, and delve into what’s next. Join in and hear as Ley shares his perspective on how projects like the I-5 Bridge Replacement and a possible third crossing will impact the people working across the river and living in Clark County.

Tolling starts on I-205 but expands to “double tolls” for the Interstate Bridge. STORY:

60 Seconds with John Ley • July 23, 2022

John Ley at the Interstate Bridge, the "scene of the ongoing crime."

It’s time to end 900 days of Inslee’s                         “Emergency” powers.

Why does Greg Cheney NOT want to be identified and supported by republicans?

Does the IBR attempt to mislead the people and politicians

7/22 Greg Johnson, administrator of the Interstate Bridge Replacement (IBR) project, is either making it up as he goes, or intentionally misleading taxpayers and the Washington and Oregon lawmakers. Story:

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