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UPDATE: LC School Board Meeting ~ Tuesday, 4/25/23 @7pm


Justine Stimmel

Sun, Apr 23, 6:34 PM (21 hours ago)

to bcc: me


I'm so grateful for your support! You're making a huge difference, either to speak 2 mins at the meeting or be there for support or EMAIL the Superintendent and the Board. They are COURAGEOUS, for such a time as this.


School Board Meeting Agenda:

Email Tammy in the District Office:

(Do this before 4pm on the day of the meeting, or right now) :) You don't have to say you're a resident of LC.

Simply say Hi, my name is ____ Please add my name to the list of speakers for Tuesday's school board meeting. Tammy will confirm with an email that you're on the list and ask what topic you're speaking on. You're welcome to respond or not respond. She is wonderful by the way!

The day of the meeting -- in person -  I recommend NOT signing in your full name or any details - to avoid the MOB from using your name and information for their evil purposes. 


AGENDA 4/25/23 La Center High School at 7pm.


(In case you are curious, yes Matt Stimmel is a family - cousin and is resigning from Maintenance/Grounds - he is also a retired Police Lieutenant from Portland). 


Things to look at in the agenda. The location of the meeting will be held in the large space - the HS commons, there will be several exit doors. Also there will be an officer present should anything get wacky.  I feel much safer already. We love our police officers/ sheriffs. The last meeting there were 60 or so people in one room at the Library and the MOB was blocking the door entrance into the only entrance into the library, they interrupted and laughed during speeches and afterwards. 


PLEASE SPEAK ABOUT THE VALUE OF FAMILY - PARENTS RIGHTS WITHOUT CHILDREN ~ Anything supportive response for what Rosenkranz and the board are doing.


ISSUE THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE PUBLIC (at Meeting and Social Media) :

HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER AND PRESIDENT OF THE LCEA (UNION WITH WEA) BRIAN CLEGG AND LCEA TEACHER ANDREA AUSTAD- Uncovers deeper feelings and motivations about our kids - regarding white males. This goes against the "Resolution and/  Equity Lens"  ---->


Read Consent Agenda 2.0

     B.  Meeting Minutes dated; 3/25/23 ---->


Look at who the guests were, and the notes made about the other "Grievance" filed by the LCEA (La Center Education Association) NOTE: Brian Clegg is the President of this UNION) I just vomited, sorry. Clegg is also the same one that signed the discrimination complaint (first complaint) against the Superintendent Peter Rosenkranz. Snippet below is from the LCEA grievance hearing filed by LCEA prior to the board meeting 3/28/23. The hearing opened at 6:28 p.m. LCEA, represented by Brian Clegg, Denelle Eiesland and Andrea Austad, (ALL 3 OF THEM OUT OF THE 31 WHO SIGNED THE DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINT LAST 11/22/22 ). 

The grievance is regarding Article VI – General Working Conditions. *Note: Rosenkranz has received multiple complaints. He values FAMILY, and BASIC EDUCATION what a concept these days.






LCEA Formal Grievance - meeting notes:

LCEA is the Teachers Union and BRIAN CLEGG IS THE PRESIDENT.




Please see full link (2 pages regarding the above snippet)

I have a dog in the fight, my daughter has Brian Clegg as her English Teacher (10thgrade) It sickens me - but this is where we are supposed to be right now. We are vigilant.

Clegg agreed to the damning things he said below... recorded publicly at the last meeting on record -  please review it for yourself what he said... "Brain feels like it's a power component - that as white males, this type of solution is a dog whistle for keeping others down".   THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR A TEACHER TO SAY! 


I need someone to expose this to the public. The community / parents - need to know that Brian Clegg and Andrea Austad - believe that white, middle school boys feel included because they are automatically included. THIS IS UPSETTING.





11/22/22 Compliant with 31 teachers/staff names.


Let me know if you need links to anything to reference to or if you have any questions. 


Please see the recent article prepared by Leah Anaya. :) WELL DONE Leah!


“An educated populace is the foundation of democracy, and families are the foundation of education. And what’s more, I don’t have to define family – it’s a mom and a dad, two moms, two dads, a single mom, single dad … it’s not up to me. But a school being the sole authority on this issue with children and their gender identity, that’s like Les Schwab trying to sell refrigerators. It just doesn’t make sense.” ~ Peter Rosenkranz


Transparent Letter from Rosenkranz dated 4/20/23 :   Letter of Support for Families, Staff, and the Community


Superintendent / School Board:

(1 vacant seat)


Board Interviews- The board will interview candidates for Director Area 2 at the end of the meeting.  





Justine Stimmel

La Center Lioness


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